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Klaus Brendel - Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Producer

International Recognition
Four times winner of the UNISONG International Song Contest in Los Angeles.
2nd place Unisong 2009 for On Wandering Waves.
2nd place 2005/2006 for Lions Going Places.
3rd place 2004 for Child of the River.
Top 20 Finalist Unisong 2003 2007 for Shine On Blue Moon,
Behind The Rising Sun, Jump for Joy, Kissing The Rain, Ziller House.

As early as 5 years old Klaus had his first piano lessons, started playing guitar
at age 9, and had his first drumset at age 12. After graduation from high school
he started studying classic percussion and piano at the Academy of Music
in Munich and performed with the orchestra. Final examination in 1984.

Klaus's solo career has spanned more than 30 years, and has included over 20 solo
albums - in all more than 250 Guitar Instrumentals. Being a versatile Multi-
Instrumentalist he played all the instruments on nearly all recordings.
In addition he showcased his talents as a Guitarist, Composer and Arranger
on numerous studio recordings, including Peter Thomas, Ralph Siegel,
SWR-Big Band, Curt Cress, Max Greger jr., Nicole, Wind, Angelika Milster,
Ireen Sheer, Johnny Logan, Nicki and many more.
Klaus Brendel is owner of the record label VISIONLAND.

BR Bayerischer Rundfunk, HR Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk, ORB Ostdt. Rundf. Brandenburg, RB Radio Bremen
RBB Radio Berlin Brandenburg, SFB Sender Freies Berlin, SR Saarlaendischer
Rundfunk, SWR Suedwestrundfunk, WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Deutschlandradio,
ZDF, Deutsche Welle, ORF Oesterreich, SRG Schweiz, 3Sat, BR alpha, Eins Festival,
Eins Plus, Kabel 1, Kinderkanal, Phoenix TV, Sat1, Pro7, RTL, Vox, Mercedes Benz,
Molto Fill, Mustang Jeans, Skipper Yachts, Beiter Archery Products.

Side Notes
The cover of the 2001 album Cooper's Cadillac shows a 1952 Cadillac Series 62 4-door Sedan. It's taken from a sales brochure reprint I found in an illustrated Classic Car Book.
The cover of the 2002 album Acoustic Avenue - as well as the 2017 online-release Big Blue Sunglasses - shows a picture of 5533 Hollywood Boulevard and the then still existing St. Francis Hotel. I have taken that picture in the late afternoon of January, 30 1989.

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